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Security Emphasis, Inc. is no longer in operation

However, if you need the help of a seasoned professional in any of these areas:
    • Cyber threat detection and notification
    • Strategic and tactical responses to network attacks
    • Disaster recovery
    • Analysis and cleanup after an intrusion or infestation of malware
    • Network security planning
    • PCI and HIPAA solutions
    • Creation/updating of policies and procedures
    • Web content filtering
    • Network firewall design, procurement, deployment
    • Intrusion detection/prevention systems
    • Network penetration testing (white hat)
    • Wide area network archtecture
    • Segmented local area network archtecture
    • Computer network facility design
    • Equipment power planning
    • Racked equipment integration
    • Wireless networking
    • Cyber security log monitoring
    • Wiping data from old disk drives before disposal
    • DNS configurations
    • Domain name registrations

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